Scotland's Team Mouat Aims for Third Straight European Curling Win at Home

Scotland’s Team Mouat Aims for Third Straight European Curling Win at Home

Witness Team Mouat’s quest for a third European Curling Championship in Aberdeen amidst fierce competition and electrifying home crowd support.

Aberdeen Gears Up for Exciting Contest

Aberdeen is all set to be the heart of some thrilling curling matches next month from the 18th to the 25th. 

Team Mouat from Scotland is preparing for their third straight win in the European curling championships. 

And guess what? 

This time, they have the home advantage, playing in front of their fans in Aberdeen.

Strong Teams Ready for Challenge

Team Mouat’s leader, Bruce Mouat, is back with his strong team: Grant Hardie, Bobby Lammie, and Hammy McMillan. 

They have been champions before, winning matches in Sweden and Norway. 

They look forward to winning again, making it their fourth win since they started playing in 2018.

In the women’s team, there is some exciting news, too. 

Jenn Dodds, who won a gold medal in the Olympics, joins Team Morrison. 

Jenn is a strong player who has won many matches before, and her joining the team brings a lot of hope and excitement.

Playing at Home Brings Happiness

Playing at home is always special. 

The players are happy and excited to play in Aberdeen, where their fans can watch and support them. 

Rebecca Morrison from Team Morrison said that having the support of their fans would be brilliant and helpful for the team.

Challenges on the Way

Winning will take work. 

Team Mouat knows that very well.

There are strong teams from Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, and Norway that they have to beat. 

Bruce Mouat, the team leader, said that this year might be the toughest one. 

However, they are ready to play their best and hopeful to win again.

Get Ready for an Exciting Match

So, get ready to see some fantastic curling games. 

With strong teams, great players, and the support of the home fans, it will be an exciting event in Aberdeen. 

Everyone is waiting to see if Team Mouat and Team Morrison can win these important matches.

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