Pogba Makes Early Return to Juventus in Hopes of Winning Back Fans

Pogba Makes Early Return to Juventus in Hopes of Winning Back Fans

Paul Pogba returns to Juventus early, aiming to win back fans’ hearts after a challenging season. Uncertainty looms as he strives to prove his worth during the pre-season.

Turin, Italy – Paul Pogba, the French football star, is set to return early to Juventus to prove to the fans that he can still be a key player for the team. 

After a disappointing season plagued by injuries, Pogba has spent the summer in Miami working hard to regain his fitness. 

He aims to reclaim the central role that Juventus had hoped he would fill last summer, rekindling the supporters’ enthusiasm.

Uncertainty Surrounding Pogba’s Performance

Paul Pogba
Paul Pogba

Pogba’s return brings uncertainty about his condition for the upcoming season. 

It is difficult to predict how well he will perform after being out of action for a significant part of last year. 

Even when he appeared ready to return last season, he struggled to keep up with the game’s fast pace and eventually had to stop playing. 

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri and his team are aware of the challenges they face. 

Pogba has been absent from top-level competition for too long, so they must exercise patience before expecting great performances.

Juventus’ New Approach

Unlike last season, when Juventus showed understanding and support for Pogba’s decisions regarding his injuries, the club is now adopting a more pragmatic approach. 

They are primarily concerned with his performance on the pitch rather than accommodating his off-field decisions. 

Juventus finds itself in a delicate financial situation and must reduce costs. 

As the highest-paid player on the team, earning €8 million plus €2 million in bonuses, Pogba is expected to deliver his best on the field. 

Last season, despite playing only 161 minutes in 10 appearances, Pogba did not take a pay cut. 

However, it seems likely that Juventus will demand a salary reduction or consider parting ways with the player to meet their financial needs unless he impresses during the pre-season.

Rumors of Saudi Arabian Interest

Recent reports about an intermediary meeting with Saudi Arabian representatives involved in the transfer market have emerged. 

These discussions occurred without Pogba’s knowledge, as he remains focused on Juventus and has yet to receive any offers. 

The talks mainly concerned Pogba’s physical condition and willingness to consider a proposal. 

During a recent summit with Pogba’s agent, Rafaela Pimenta, Juventus clarified that guarantees of on-field performance are essential to avoid reconsidering their plans.

Pogba’s Road to Redemption

Pogba’s early return to training is a promising sign of his determination to succeed. 

However, more is needed. Allegri and the Juventus management will closely assess Pogba during the pre-season, including athletic training and friendly matches. 

He must convince the team he can be a reliable and influential player throughout the year. 

Discussions about his salary will likely arise, and a potential reduction may be considered. 

The focus will be on utilizing Pogba effectively while considering the financial burden he currently places on the club. 

No longer untouchable, Pogba’s future at Juventus hangs in the balance.

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