Aberdeen Grants Ignite Community Growth Eight Local Entities Share $20,000

Aberdeen Grants Ignite Community Growth: Eight Local Entities Share $20,000

The South Monroe County Community Fund awarded $20,000 in grants to eight local entities, boosting Aberdeen’s education, nonprofits, and community projects.


Aberdeen: In a heartwarming ceremony held on June 6 at the Aberdeen Main Street Depot, eight local entities were awarded $20,000 in grants through the South Monroe County Community Fund’s (SMCCF) annual awards event.

This year’s allocation marked a significant milestone for the organization, reflecting its ongoing commitment to fostering community development since its inception in 2005 and grant-giving since 2007.

“This is the most we have ever given out at one of our awards events. Over the years, it has added up to a lot of money put back into the community,” said Kathy Seymour, chair of the SMCCF.

Significant Contributions to Community Development

The SMCCF, one of 14 community affiliates under the CREATE Foundation, utilizes investment proceeds from its endowment fund to support various community projects.

Additionally, a special project fund allows for the flexible use of funds throughout the year.

“We are most appreciative of South Monroe being an affiliate of CREATE. As you sit here, you see the difference it is making,” commented Juanita Floyd, senior vice president of finance and administration at CREATE Foundation.

Focus on Education and Community Services

The grants target registered nonprofits, educational programs, and first responders in southern Monroe County.

Education was a significant focus this year, with five of the eight recipients representing the sector.

Education Grants

  • Aberdeen School District received funds for its aviation academy, which will launch next school year and provide students with opportunities to earn a pilot’s license and for ACT prep costs.
  • Hamilton High School was awarded a grant to purchase a cooler for FFA fundraisers, aiding in travel funding.
  • Monroe County Early Learning Collaborative (MELC), serving pre-K students, received grants to purchase books. MELC will serve around 280 students in the upcoming school year, including a new program in Nettleton.

Healthcare Education

  • Tenn-Tom Moving Youth’s Certified Nurse Assistant Program, supported by the Bower Foundation since 2004, received a grant to help young people enter the healthcare field.

“That is how your community thrives. That is how your community survives. When your young people come back your community to make a difference. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for the people of northeast Mississippi,” Floyd said.

Enhancing Community Spaces and Services

Other recipients included organizations focused on improving community spaces and services.

Community Enhancements

  • Aberdeen Visitors Bureau: Funds for a 30-foot vertical floral mural at the eastern entrance to Paradise Alley, adding to the city’s art trail.
  • Aberdeen Pilgrimage Association: Grant for a website upgrade.
  • Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry: Funding for truck repairs for food distribution, with a monthly donation focus on soap for the senior citizens’ grocery store.
  • Bukka White Blues Festival: Grant for animal shows by wildlife biologist Bob Tarter.

Supporting Ongoing Community Efforts

Contributions to the South Monroe County Community Fund continue to support these valuable initiatives, enhancing the quality of life and fostering a vibrant community.

How to Contribute

To support the SMCCF and its initiatives, contributions can be mailed to:

South Monroe County Community Fund P.O. Box 402, Aberdeen, MS 39730


The annual grants awarded by the SMCCF provide immediate support to various programs and contribute to the community’s long-term prosperity.

These grants ensure a brighter future for Aberdeen and its residents by focusing on education, community services, and enhancement projects.

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