Cyprus Takes Helm of European Schools Network Focus on Education and Sustainability

Cyprus Takes Helm of European Schools Network: Focus on Education and Sustainability

Cyprus assumes the presidency of the European Schools network, focusing on student well-being and sustainable development in education.


Nicosia, Cyprus: In a landmark event, Cyprus assumed the presidency of the European Schools network for the first time, marking a significant milestone in its educational journey.

This term, from August 2024 to July 2025, promises innovative and impactful initiatives to enhance the educational landscape across Europe.

The inauguration ceremony at the prestigious Hilton Hotel in Nicosia gathered critical educational figures and dignitaries.

In her keynote speech, Education Minister Athena Michaelidou emphasized the pivotal role of the European Schools network in the broader European project.

Her speech underscored Cyprus’ commitment to fostering educational excellence and cooperation among EU member states.

One of the standout features of Cyprus’ presidency is the organization of a forum in April 2025.

This forum will bring together teachers at European Schools, continuing an initiative introduced by Italy in 2024.

This forum will focus on sharing best practices, fostering collaboration, and enhancing the overall quality of education across the network.

In addition, Cyprus has outlined several priorities for the coming year: Student Well-Being: Recognizing the importance of mental and emotional health, Cyprus aims to implement programs and policies that support the well-being of students across all European Schools.

Promoting Sustainable Development: With the growing emphasis on sustainability, Cyprus will advocate for integrating sustainable development principles into the educational curriculum.

This initiative aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to tackle environmental challenges.

The European Schools network, comprising 13 schools across six countries, primarily educates the children of EU staff.

Each academic year, a different member state takes on the presidency, ensuring a dynamic and diverse leadership approach.

Cyprus leads the network and is poised to make a lasting impact on the European educational framework.

Minister Michaelidou’s address highlighted this presidency’s importance, stating:

“Our role within the European Schools network is a testament to our commitment to the wider European project. We aim to create a nurturing and sustainable educational environment that benefits all students.”

As Cyprus embarks on this significant journey, preparations are already underway for the next transition.

Latvia will assume the presidency in July 2025, continuing the tradition of collaborative and progressive leadership within the European Schools network.

Cyprus’ presidency of the European Schools network marks a period of innovative initiatives to promote student well-being and sustainable development.

With a focus on collaboration and excellence, Cyprus is set to impact education across Europe profoundly.

Stay tuned for updates on the European Schools forum in April 2025 and the ongoing efforts to enhance the educational landscape under Cyprus’ visionary leadership.

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