Pippo Franco Impersonator Eli Schlein Goes Viral on Social Media

Pippo Franco Impersonator Elly Schlein Goes Viral on Social Media

Italy: The internet is abuzz with memes featuring Pippo Franco impersonating Elly Schlein, the winner of the recent Democratic Party primaries. 

The resemblance between the two has sparked a trend on social media platforms, with people sharing amusing posts that depict Schlein as the daughter of the famous Italian comedian.

This humorous trend is reminiscent of Bagaglino’s style of comedy, which was popular in the 90s and often showed politicians in a more relatable light. 

Pippo Franco fans can now sigh a sigh of relief, as the trend is not meant to be body-shaming or disrespectful towards Schlein.

However, some people on Twitter have criticized the trend as disrespectful toward Schlein. 

Nevertheless, neither Schlein nor Pippo Franco has commented on the matter, and it is suspected that they may be enjoying the humor.

The trend is a welcome distraction for those still mourning the recent passing of Maurizio Costanzo. 

As Pippo Franco impersonates Elly Schlein, the internet continues to be filled with laughter and joy.

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