Andalusian mobilization is credited for equal treatment in Spanish Constitution

Andalusian mobilization is credited for equal treatment in Spanish Constitution

Spain: Millions of Andalusians have been recognized for their contribution to the democratic transition of Spain, which resulted in the creation of autonomous regions, including Andalusia, as we know them today. 

This recognition has yet to be unanimous, but the President of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has shown his support. 

Only three communities were recognized as autonomous during the transition, but Andalusians mobilized and made their voices heard, recognizing all autonomous regions in the Constitution.

Many political figures have been written about, but little has been said about the important work of Andalusian intellectuals, writers, painters, singers, and artists who made Andalusians visible in the capital. 

The Andalusian Cultural Institute played an important role in mobilizing Andalusians, leading to an unprecedented demonstration in Granada that made millions of Andalusians’ aspirations visible. 

This determination led to a change of position regarding the aspirations of the Andalusians and the rest of the regions of Spain. 

The recognition of the contribution of Andalusians to the democratic transition is particularly important now when some are questioning the value of autonomy. 

The Andalusian Flag recognition acknowledges those who contributed to this significant period in Spain’s history. 

The Granada International Poetry Festival is one of the events recognized this year.

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