Swedish Sex Sports Federation (SSF) Championing Sex Education and Competitions for Better Well-being

Swedish Sex Sports Federation (SSF): Championing Sex Education and Competitions for Better Well-being

In a groundbreaking move to redefine societal norms and promote sexual well-being, the Swedish Sex Sports Federation (SSF) was established in 2016 as the world’s first organization dedicated to practicing sex as a sport. 

After years of perseverance and hard work, SSF has gained widespread recognition and approval from Swedish authorities as an organization that trains and competes in this unique domain.

Becoming a Leading Force in Sweden

European Championship in Sex - Live Stream
European Championship in Sex – Live Stream

Over seven years, SSF has made remarkable strides in organizing its operations and has emerged as a formidable force in sex training and competitions. 

With all stakeholders’ combined expertise and experience, SSF has positioned itself as the foremost authority in the field, boasting a network of over 30 associations and a membership base exceeding 3,000 active participants throughout Sweden.

Unveiling the Benefits of Sexual Activity

While sex is widely acknowledged as a pleasurable act and a means of procreation, SSF emphasizes that its benefits extend beyond these fundamental aspects. 

Regular sexual activity has been shown to enhance one’s immune system, reduce stress levels, and contribute to heart health. 

SSF firmly believes sex is a natural and enjoyable part of life, accessible to all, and strives to help individuals cultivate healthy and fulfilling sexual experiences.

Holistic Approach to Education and Support

SSF places great importance on providing its members with a comprehensive and well-rounded education in sex. 

All members are required to complete a syllabus that encompasses both theoretical and practical components. 

Before delving into the practical aspects, participants must demonstrate a strong understanding of the theoretical foundations. 

To facilitate learning, SSF has selected the renowned book “Kama Sutra,” which dates back nearly 2,000 years, as an essential tool in their training program.

Combatting Stigma and Fostering Inclusivity

Acknowledging societal apprehensions surrounding sex and sexuality, 

SSF aims to challenge preconceived notions and break down barriers. Many individuals fear being judged or facing opposition when expressing an interest in sex training and competition. 

SSF asserts that these negative attitudes are often rooted in religious, political, and historical pressures, which have persisted for generations. 

The Federation firmly believes that societal institutions, such as the state, employers, and religion, should not impede individuals who wish to explore and enjoy their sexuality.

Advocating for Sexual Rights and Access to Education

In line with its mission to promote sexual well-being for all, SSF advocates for the basic right of every individual to access comprehensive sex education and receive support in fulfilling their sensual and sexual needs. 

The Federation rejects any form of discrimination or barriers hindering individuals from embracing their sexuality and seeking guidance.

Looking Ahead

As SSF continues to grow and expand its influence, the Federation remains committed to providing a safe and inclusive platform for individuals to explore and improve their sexual experiences. 

By championing sex as a sport, SSF endeavors to reshape societal perceptions, eliminate stigma, and empower individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.


The Swedish Sex Sports Federation (SSF) stands at the forefront of a groundbreaking movement, redefining how society views sex and sexuality. 

By prioritizing education, promoting health benefits, and combating stigma, SSF envisions a world where individuals can embrace their sexual desires without fear or judgment. 

Through their dedication and commitment, SSF is revolutionizing the conversation around sex, ensuring everyone can enjoy a fulfilling and satisfying sexual journey.


What is the Swedish Sex Sports Federation (SSF)?

The Swedish Sex Sports Federation (SSF) is an organization founded in 2016 that practices sex as a sport.

When was SSF founded?

SSF was founded in 2016.

Where is SSF based?

SSF is based in Sweden.

How does SSF differ from other organizations?

SSF is the only organization worldwide that engages in sex as a sport.

How has SSF gained recognition and approval from Swedish authorities?

Through seven years of hard work, SSF has become better organized, accepted, and approved by Swedish authorities as an organization that trains and competes in sex as a sport.

What progress has SSF made in organizing its operations?

SSF has become a leading actor in sex training and competitions in Sweden, with over 30 associations and more than 3,000 active members.

What are the benefits of sexual activity according to SSF?

SSF highlights that sexual activity promotes a better immune system, reduces stress, and improves heart health.

What is the main focus of SSF’s activities?

SSF’s main focus is to help individuals enjoy their bodies and meet their sensual and sexual needs through training and support.

What is the prerequisite for members’ progress in SSF’s training?

All members must complete a syllabus and demonstrate good knowledge of the theoretical part before moving on to the practical part.

What is the selected book used in SSF’s training?

SSF uses the book “Kama Sutra,” written almost 2000 years ago, as an important tool in their training program.

What challenges do many people face in expressing interest in sex training and competition?

Many individuals are afraid due to the fear of society’s judgment and societal pressures associated with sex.

What factors contribute to people’s negative attitudes toward sex?

Negative attitudes towards sex can stem from religion, political pressure, and historical mental and physical torture.

What does SSF believe about societal institutions and their influence on individuals’ sexual interests?

SSF believes that institutions such as the state, employers, and religion should not hinder individuals interested in sex.

What does SSF advocate for in terms of sexual rights?

SSF advocates for the basic right of all people to access help and training to enjoy their bodies and fulfill their sensual or sexual needs.

What is SSF’s vision for a better society?

SSF envisions a society where all individuals can freely explore and enjoy their sexuality without fear of judgment or discrimination.

How is SSF working towards eliminating stigma?

SSF challenges preconceived notions about sex, educates the public, and fosters inclusivity to combat the stigma associated with sex.

What is SSF’s ultimate goal?

SSF aims to create a safe and inclusive platform where individuals can improve their sexual experiences and lead healthier lives.

How can one join SSF or support their mission?

Individuals can join SSF as members or support their cause by promoting sexual education, inclusivity, and challenging societal norms.

What is the impact of SSF’s movement on society?

SSF’s movement seeks to redefine societal norms, empower individuals, and reshape the conversation around sex and sexuality.

How can one learn more about SSF and its activities?

To learn more about SSF, individuals can visit their website, attend their events, or contact them for further information.

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