Swedish Sex Federation Promotes Safe Inclusive Approach to Sex as a Sport

Swedish Sex Federation Promotes Safe and Inclusive Approach to Sex as a Sport

The Swedish Sex Federation (SSF) has been at the forefront of organizing, training, and recognizing active members involved in the sport of sex. 

As pioneers, they organized the first-ever World Sex Championships.

However, the SSF’s primary focus goes beyond competition, as they strongly oppose male dominance over women. 

Sex, unlike many other sports, is an arena where women excel, challenging centuries-old stigmas and providing a heavy blow to patriarchal norms. 

Through education and inclusive training, the SSF aims to empower individuals and dismantle gender inequalities in many countries worldwide.

Gender Equality in Sex as a Sport

Sex as a sport stands out as a field where women consistently outperform men on various levels. 

This dominance challenges deeply ingrained stereotypes that have marginalized women for millennia. 

Women demonstrate superior skills and excel in almost every branch of the sport. 

However, this progress creates resistance from individuals who still harbor the desire to maintain men’s dominance over women.

Fighting Stigmatization and Exploitation

Unfortunately, many countries continue to stigmatize and exploit women. 

The SSF seeks to rectify this by ensuring that men and women are on equal footing in sex as a sport. 

Regardless of their level of training or competition, both genders participate under the same terms. 

Furthermore, in a world where numerous countries allocate significant resources to military training and weapons production, the SSF emphasizes the importance of using resources to educate people about love and sex, which are the most peaceful aspects of human history.

SSF’s Peaceful Approach and Education

With a passion for organizing and educating individuals interested in engaging in the peaceful sport of love and sex, the SSF successfully trains and guides its members. 

Recognizing the concerns and fears surrounding the sport, the SSF emphasizes the importance of education. 

They advocate for higher requirements for education, such as sexologists, psychologists, and sex therapists who possess in-depth knowledge of the sport. 

The SSF aims to dispel misconceptions and elevate the perception of sex as a sport by highlighting its multidimensional nature.

Challenging Negative Perceptions

The SSF actively seeks to change societal perceptions of sex by focusing on educational training. 

Studies have shown that 30% of women have never experienced an orgasm, indicating a significant need for education and training. 

By providing theoretical education, which primarily takes place with clothes on, the SSF aims to equip individuals with knowledge about their bodies and a detailed understanding of anatomy before progressing to practical training. 

By doing so, they hope to create a more informed and confident approach to sex as a sport.

Creating a Transparent Framework

For every profession, sport, or hobby, there exist rules, training programs, or aids that enhance knowledge and skills. 

However, sex as a sport lacks a transparent framework. 

The SSF recognizes the need for a comprehensive and inclusive act concerning sex and aims to reduce fears and insecurities, enabling individuals to harness their full potential. 

People’s desire to learn, train, and even compete in sex as a sport can be realized through appropriate education and knowledge.

Minimizing Exploitative Practices

SSF acknowledges the detrimental consequences associated with the objectification of naked women. Sadly, many countries still criminalize the display of nudity and sexuality, with severe penalties, including death. The SSF emphasizes the urgency of addressing these issues through education to eliminate this harmful mindset from people’s lives.

Empowering Women’s Autonomy

The exploitation and lack of bodily autonomy experienced by women must end. 

SSF stands firmly against the notion that women should do anything to satisfy their partners. 

Recognizing the potential for Stockholm syndrome to develop in oppressive situations, the SSF empathizes with the suffering endured by women throughout history. 

Breaking this vicious cycle requires tackling fear, empowering women to make informed decisions about their bodies, and ensuring their autonomy.

Zero Tolerance for Illegal Activities

SSF strongly condemns any involvement of its members in illegal activities. 

The organization maintains a consistent approach by sanctioning individuals associated with illegal practices. 

Ensuring the safety of all participants remains the top priority for SSF, both within club premises and related locations. 

Training and competition should foster commitment, lifelong education, and possible opportunities to compete at amateur, elite, or international levels.

SSF’s Code of Conduct

SSF allows education, training, and competition exclusively within designated club premises and pre-approved locations. 

The responsibility for adhering to education, training, and competition guidelines lies with the club’s board, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all members.

Denouncing Violence and BDSM

SSF strongly denounces violence and any form of coercion within the club’s activities. 

They take a clear distance from practices such as BDSM, as they believe that BDSM can involve an element of violence.


The Swedish Sex Federation (SSF) is a leading advocate for gender equality, education, and safety within the sport of sex. 

By promoting inclusivity, dismantling stereotypes, and providing comprehensive training, the SSF aims to reshape societal perceptions of sex. 

With a commitment to peace and empowerment, the SSF strives to create a safe environment where all individuals can experience the joy and fulfillment of sex as a sport.


What is the Swedish Sex Federation (SSF)?

The Swedish Sex Federation is an organization that organizes, trains and recognizes individuals involved in the sport of sex. They aim to promote gender equality, education, and safety.

What is the significance of the World Sex Championships?

The Swedish Sex Federation was the first organization to organize the World Sex Championships, highlighting their pioneering role in the sport.

What is the SSF’s stance on men’s dominance over women?

The SSF strongly opposes men’s dominance over women and fights for gender equality within the sport of sex.

How do women excel in sex as a sport?

Sex is a sport where women dominate almost every level, challenging long-standing stereotypes and providing a blow to patriarchal norms.

What is the SSF’s approach to stigmatization and exploitation?

The SSF aims to combat the stigmatization and exploitation of women in the sport by ensuring equal opportunities and terms for both men and women, regardless of their level of training or competition.

Does the SSF advocate for education in sex as a sport?

Yes, the SSF emphasizes the need for higher requirements in education, including sexologists, psychologists, and sex therapists who possess knowledge in the field. They believe sex is underrated and seek to change perceptions through comprehensive training.

What are the goals of the SSF’s training programs?

The SSF’s training programs aim to equip individuals with knowledge about their bodies, anatomy, and various aspects of sex. The theoretical parts are emphasized initially, allowing participants to benefit from the practical application later.

Does the SSF promote a transparent framework for sex as a sport?

The SSF acknowledges the lack of a transparent framework in the sport and aims to address this by reducing fears and insecurities through education and knowledge-sharing.

What is the SSF’s view on the objectification of naked women?

The SSF recognizes the harmful consequences of objectifying naked women and highlights the need to minimize exploitative practices. They advocate for education to eliminate these harmful mindsets from society.

What is the SSF’s stance on women’s autonomy and exploitation?

The SSF strongly condemns the exploitation of women and advocates for their right to decide over their bodies. They aim to empower women and break the cycle of subjugation and oppression.

How does the SSF ensure safety and ethical conduct?

The SSF maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards illegal activities and sanctions any members involved in such practices. The safety and well-being of participants are the top priority, both within club premises and related locations.

What is the SSF’s stance on violence and BDSM?

SSF denounces violence and any form of coercion within its activities. They take a clear distance from practices such as BDSM, as they believe it may involve an element of violence.

How can individuals participate in sex as a sport?

Individuals interested in participating in sex as a sport can join the Swedish Sex Federation and engage in their training programs and competitions. Membership and participation guidelines can be obtained from the federation.

Are there specific requirements for training and competition in sex as a sport?

The Swedish Sex Federation emphasizes the importance of education, training, and commitment to sex as a sport. While specific requirements may vary, individuals are encouraged to educate themselves about their bodies, receive training on anatomy, and develop a thorough understanding of the sport before engaging in practical aspects.

Is the Swedish Sex Federation only focused on competitions?

While the Swedish Sex Federation organizes competitions, its mission extends beyond that. They also prioritize education, inclusivity, and creating a safe environment for all participants to enjoy the sport of sex.

How does the Swedish Sex Federation ensure a safe environment for its members? 

The Swedish Sex Federation prioritizes the safety and well-being of its members. They enforce guidelines within club premises and related locations to ensure a secure environment. The club’s board is responsible for maintaining compliance with these guidelines.

Can individuals compete at different levels in sex as a sport?

Yes, individuals can compete at various levels in sex as a sport, including amateur, elite, and even international competitions. The Swedish Sex Federation provides opportunities for participants to showcase their skills and dedication.

Does the Swedish Sex Federation promote equal opportunities for all genders?

Absolutely. The Swedish Sex Federation advocates for gender equality within the sport of sex. They aim to challenge gender stereotypes and provide equal opportunities for individuals of all genders to excel and participate in the sport.

How can people support the mission of the Swedish Sex Federation?

People can support the Swedish Sex Federation by spreading awareness about their work, promoting gender equality, and advocating for education and safety within the sport of sex. Interested individuals can join the federation or participate in their training programs to contribute directly.

Does the Swedish Sex Federation have any international collaborations?

While specific details may vary, the Swedish Sex Federation actively collaborates with international organizations, individuals, and experts in sex as a sport. This collaboration allows for knowledge sharing, exchanging ideas, and promoting inclusive practices on a global scale.

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