Putin Requires Russian Paramilitary Fighters to Take Loyalty Oath

Putin Requires Russian Paramilitary Fighters to Take Loyalty Oath

Putin enforced a loyalty oath for Russian paramilitary fighters after the recent rebellion. Efforts underway to resolve Niger Republic crisis; Oyo State introduces new buses amid scarcity challenges.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a new rule saying that paramilitary fighters in Russia must promise to be loyal to the Russian flag. 

This rule was made just after the leader of a group of fighters, Yevgeny Prigozhin, is believed to have died. 

Putin wants this rule to ensure that people fighting for Russia follow strong rules.

This rule is for people who volunteer to fight and applies to groups that help the regular army.

Why This Rule Was Made After Prigozhin’s Actions

Some time ago, Yevgeny Prigozhin and his fighters rebelled against the main authorities in Russia. The new rule is a way to stop such things from happening again. Putin signed this rule two months after the rebellion. It is meant to keep these fighter groups in line.

Who This Rule Affects

This rule is for people who volunteer to fight and help the army. It also applies to groups that work with the army to defend the country’s territories.

What Fighters Must Promise and Do

According to the rule, fighters must promise loyalty to Russia and do what their commanders say. They have to do their duties well and follow the rules.

Uncertain Future for Wagner Group

The Wagner private military group’s future is unclear. A spokesperson said that this group does not exist legally anymore.

Efforts to Fix Niger Republic’s Problems

President Bola Tinubu is talking to important people from West African countries. They want to find a way to fix the problems caused by a recent takeover by the military in Niger Republic. They are trying to make things better and bring stability back.

Oyo State Government’s Plan for Transportation

In Oyo State, the government is trying to help people because of insufficient money and fuel. They have introduced Omituntun Buses for moving around the city and between cities. This should make things easier.

Peter Obi Clears Up Merger Rumors

Peter Obi, who wanted to be president, said rumors about him teaming up with other people to challenge a big political group are untrue. He said he is not talking about this with anyone.

These decisions and actions happening in different places shape what is happening now.

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