Aalto University Spearheads Sustainable Construction Revolution at the New European Bauhaus Festival in Brussels

Aalto University Spearheads Sustainable Construction Revolution at the New European Bauhaus Festival in Brussels

See Aalto University’s “Time Out! Rethinking Construction” exhibition on sustainable building practices at the NEB Festival in Brussels from April 9-13, 2024.

In an era where sustainability has become a call for action globally, Aalto University is leading the charge towards revolutionizing construction practices. 

At the heart of this transformative journey is the New European Bauhaus (NEB) Festival, slated to take place in Brussels from April 9 to 13, 2024. 

This initiative, born from the European Commission’s vision, aims to foster sustainable development within the EU by reshaping culture, values, and environmental attitudes.

A New Chapter in Construction: Time Out! Exhibition

Under the curatorial expertise of Matti Kuittinen, Professor of Resource-Efficient Construction at Aalto University, the exhibition “Time Out! Rethinking Construction” is set to challenge the status quo. 

The exposition addresses the urgent need for a paradigm shift in how we approach construction, a sector responsible for consuming half of the world’s raw materials annually.

The Imperative for Change

The Case for Rethinking Construction

ChallengePotential Solution
High resource consumptionSustainable material alternatives to concrete
Inefficient lifecycleDesigns for adaptability and longevity
Waste generationRecycling and circular economy principles

This thought-provoking exhibition will showcase sustainable alternatives to conventional materials like concrete, introduce innovative uses for wood, and a pioneering mini-house concept rooted in circular economy and carbon neutrality principles.

Engagement and Education: The Broader NEB Festival

Aalto University’s participation extends beyond the exhibition to actively contribute to the festival’s agenda.

Professor Kuittinen will moderate a panel discussion titled “Transforming our built environment: key challenges and opportunities”, featuring distinguished guests such as Ciaran Cuffe, Member of the European Parliament, and other industry leaders.

NEB Festival Highlights

April 10Panel DiscussionAddressing the transformation of the built environment
During FestivalNEB Academy LaunchEducational initiative for construction professionals

Moreover, the festival will mark the launch of the NEB Academy, with Aalto University playing a pivotal role as the sole Finnish partner.

This initiative aims to equip construction professionals with the knowledge and skills to transition to a more sustainable, bio-economy-based sector.

Innovation and Collaboration: A Finnish Perspective

The NEB Festival will also showcase Finland’s innovative contributions to sustainable living, including the Circular Green Blocks project.

This initiative, a collaboration between Aalto University, Helsinki Region Environmental Service (HSY), Metropolia, Forum Virium Helsinki, and other partners, emphasizes circular economy principles and sustainable community practices.

Finnish Contributions to the NEB Festival

Circular Green BlocksA project promoting sustainable community living practices
NEB WorkshopsOrganized by Finimalism and the NEB Stewardship Lab to foster sustainable design

Visit Time Out! Rethinking Construction

The exhibition invites professionals, citizens, and anyone interested in the future of sustainable construction to explore its offerings.

It is not just an exhibition; it is a call to action, urging us to pause, reassess, and realign our construction practices with the needs of our planet.

Exhibition Details

  • Dates: April 10-13, 2024
  • Time: 9.30 to 18.00
  • Location: Museum of Art & History, Parc du Cinquantenaire 10, Brussels, Belgium

Aalto University’s bold stance at the NEB Festival embodies a hopeful vision for the future — where construction respects and rejuvenates our world.

This event represents a pivotal step towards realizing that future, inviting all of us to participate in the sustainable transformation of our built environment.

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