Rise of the Raven A Glimpse into Europe's Epic TV Masterpiece

“Rise of the Raven”: A Glimpse into Europe’s Epic TV Masterpiece

Explore “Rise of the Raven,” an epic European TV production by Beta Film featuring historical drama Janos Hunyadi’s legendary victory and a stellar cast.


In an exclusive reveal, Beta Film, a powerhouse in the European entertainment industry, has recently shared a first-look image of its latest monumental project, “Rise of the Raven”.

Known for its ambitious endeavours like “Babylon Berlin” and “The Swarm,” Beta Film now embarks on what is lauded as “one of the most epic European TV productions of all time”.

This blog post delves into the making of this 10-part series, highlighting its historical significance, production journey, and the creative minds behind its realization.

Unveiling the Legend

The Vision Behind the Epic

At the heart of “Rise of the Raven” is the legendary Hungarian army commander Janos Hunyadi, whose remarkable victory in the 1456 Battle of Belgrade against a formidable Ottoman force is the focal point of this series.

Hunyadi’s strategic brilliance and valour secured a significant triumph and momentarily halted the Ottoman expansion into Europe.

This pivotal moment contributed to the Renaissance’s flourishing in Italy.

The series is a passion project of Robert Lantos, a Hungarian-born and Canada-based producer renowned for his works on “Sunshine” and “Eastern Promises,” among others.

Lantos’s dedication to bringing Hunyadi’s story to the screen aims to bridge the gap between historical grandeur and contemporary storytelling.

A Stellar Ensemble

“Rise of the Raven” boasts an impressive international cast and crew, bringing together talent from across Europe and beyond.

Hungarian TV, film, and stage star Vivien Rujder takes on the role of Elizabeth, Hunyadi’s steadfast partner, embodying strength and influence with her performance.

Directorial Brilliance

The series benefits from the visionary direction of Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning Robert Dornhelm, alongside notable Hungarian directors Orsi Nagypal and Attila Szasz.

The collective expertise of these directors ensures a captivating narrative woven with historical depth and cinematic excellence.

Key Highlights

  • Historical Significance: The series offers a deep dive into a crucial period in European history, emphasizing the strategic and personal battles faced by Hunyadi.
  • Creative Team: Under the guidance of showrunner Balazs Lengyel, the series promises a richly layered narrative supported by a script that blends historical facts with engaging storytelling.
  • Global Appeal: Focusing on universal themes of courage, love, and sacrifice, “Rise of the Raven” is positioned to captivate audiences worldwide.

Production Insights

Financing and Production Partners

The epic series is a collaborative effort financed by the National Film Institute of Hungary and Beta Film.

Production partners include Serendipity Point FilmsTwin MediaHG MediaMR Film, and co-produced by Hungary’s TV2 Network and Austrian broadcaster ORF.

Casting and Characters

The narrative’s depth is further enriched by its focus on the influential women in Hunyadi’s life, offering a refreshing perspective on historical events.

The series promises intense drama, political intrigue, and heartfelt storytelling, underscored by exceptional performances from its cast.

Why “Rise of the Raven” Matters

“Rise of the Raven” stands as a testament to the enduring power of storytelling, especially when it intersects with the rich tapestry of history.

It commemorates a monumental event and celebrates the human spirit’s resilience and ingenuity.

With its emphasis on female perspectives and a narrative that resonates with contemporary issues, the series is poised to leave a lasting impact on its audience.


As “Rise of the Raven” completes its shoot and moves into advanced editing, anticipation builds for its debut.

This series represents a significant achievement in European television, promising to deliver a story of epic proportions that is both enlightening and profoundly entertaining.

Keep an eye on Beta Film and the upcoming London TV Screenings for more updates on this historical saga that bridges the past with the present, making “the dream the reality.”

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