Norway's Equinor and Germany's Sefe Seal a Monumental $55 Billion Gas Supply Agreement

Norway’s Equinor and Germany’s Sefe Seal a Monumental $55 Billion Gas Supply Agreement

Equinor and Sefe’s $55 billion deal reshapes Germany’s energy strategy, reducing reliance on Russian gas for Europe’s decarbonization.

Strategic Energy Shift in Berlin

Berlin – In a significant development for Europe’s energy sector, Germany’s Sefe and Norway’s Equinor have announced a groundbreaking long-term natural gas supply deal. This agreement, set to commence in 2024, is expected to deliver about 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Germany annually for the next decade.

A Response to Changing Energy Demands

The deal, valued at an impressive $55 billion, marks a crucial change in Germany’s energy supply strategy. It accounts for nearly one-third of Germany’s annual gas requirements, signifying Berlin’s shift away from its previous reliance on Russian gas supplies. This change follows the recent disruptions in gas deliveries from Russia.

Equinor’s Commitment to Sustainable Energy

Equinor CEO Anders Opedal emphasized the deal’s strategic importance in addressing Europe’s energy challenges. “This is a response to Europe’s need for a long-term, reliable supply of energy and a viable route to decarbonization at scale,” said Opedal. His statement reflects the deal’s role in ensuring energy security and advancing Europe’s decarbonization efforts.

Future Prospects and Financial Implications

The contract is scheduled to run from January 1, 2024, to 2034, with an option to extend for another five years based on market prices. The deal’s total value, estimated at 50 billion euros (approximately $55 billion), underscores its economic significance.


This collaboration between Sefe and Equinor is a landmark in European energy policy, potentially reshaping the continent’s energy landscape and strengthening Germany’s energy security for years to come.

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