Actress Danniella Westbrook Undergoes Eighth Breast Surgery and Enjoys Holiday in Portugal

Actress Danniella Westbrook Undergoes Eighth Breast Surgery and Enjoys Holiday in Portugal

Actress Danniella Westbrook embraces her eighth breast surgery outcome, confidently displaying fresh scars during a Portugal vacation after a transformative Turkish procedure.


British actress Danniella Westbrook, known for her role in the TV series EastEnders, has recently undergone her eighth breast plastic surgery. The 49-year-old actress decided to have the procedure in Turkey, which she considers her comfort zone for such surgeries. After a harrowing surgery experience, she regained her confidence in Turkish medical facilities. Now, she is enjoying her vacation in Portugal, basking in the sun and showcasing her fresh scars.

A Renewed Trust in Turkish Procedures

After a traumatic experience during a previous plastic surgery that left her with a collapsing face, Danniella Westbrook was hesitant to undergo more procedures. However, her recent surgery in Turkey seems to have restored her faith. She expressed her gratitude, stating that the doctors who operated in Turkey renewed her belief in their expertise and professionalism. She had previously undergone a procedure without proper anesthesia and faced rudeness from doctors, which she described as a nightmare.

Sun-Kissed Scars on Display

While enjoying her holiday in Portugal, Danniella Westbrook can be seen soaking up the sun on the beaches, with her fresh scars from the recent surgery on display. Despite the exposure to the sun, heat, and sweat, Westbrook appears to be embracing her body and showing confidence in her journey to regain her desired appearance.

A Bikini Mismatch and a Unique Use for Implants

During her beach outings, it is apparent that Westbrook’s enlarged bust would require a larger bikini for a comfortable fit. Her choice to wear her current swimsuit showcases her boldness in embracing her body and scars without worrying about societal norms.

Interestingly, the actress has devised an unconventional use for her original implants that were removed during her most recent surgery. She plans to sell them to one of her fans on OnlyFans for a hefty sum of 40 thousand pounds, which amounts to over 1.1 million Czech korunas. Additionally, the new implants serve a dual purpose – Westbrook humorously uses them as a “tray” to hold her indulgent donuts while relaxing on a lounger.


Danniella Westbrook’s journey through multiple plastic surgeries, including the recent breast surgery, demonstrates her determination to achieve her desired appearance. Her decision to undergo surgery in Turkey and her confidence in proudly displaying her scars in Portugal reflect her resilience and self-acceptance. As Westbrook enjoys her vacation, her story serves as a reminder of individuals’ personal choices and paths to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

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